Lost progress on Basic JS

I’ve been working yesterday on the basic JS challenges and I’ve completed all the challenges. That was just before the maintenance. Today I’ve lost almost everything that I’ve done yesterday. Could I get my progress back?
I’ve done all challenges to (including) “Generate Random Whole Numbers within a Range”.
Thank you.

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Same here. I lost all my progress on Basic JS which I was completed right before see maintanance page… Just posted the issue on the GitHub

Its really surprising that I was doing the same challenges and now I am also lost like you.I can’t find where I stopped.

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Yesterday I’ve been at 220 points, now I’m at 161.

This is just ridiculous.

@abrindas @stan-ivanov
None of your solutions have been lost. They are all still associated with your account.

Because many new challenges were added and the order of some was changed to make the progress smoother, there may be a mix of checked and unchecked challenges on the curriculum map. It’s up to you if you want to go back and do the new challenges from earlier in the curriculum or just keep going forward from where you were.

If you use the same username, then you have 216.

Well, that’s because I’ve made some progress today. With today’s progress I should have been around 270.
Also, I remember clearly that I’ve completed the loop challenges in basic js, for example, which weren’t moved to another section.

@ArielLeslie, I’m not sure that they are there. I’ve checked all the challenges and didn’t saw any of my previous progress in basic JS

If challenges that you have completed (on freecodecamp.org, NOT the beta testing site) are not showing up on your portfolio, then you need to contact team@freecodecamp.org with your account details.

Thanks Ariel. I will contact the team.

The main thing I want to know which challenges I have to complete to get the certificate.

Every section of “projects” corresponds to a certificate. You can also look at the settings page to see a list of required projects with each certificate.

Have the same here. Can’t say it’s very valuable as I 've completed only ~40-50 of it, but I really afraid about continuing with it as this may happen again . Right now only missing the progress (solutions and map) from 30 May