Lost project, angry parents, feeling down :(

Hi coders,

I was working on a React + Bootstrap to-do list app project. I uploaded the project to GitHub Pages by following a tutorial. Now the project has a quite important bug, but, for some reason I can’t understand, I have lost the files on my computer, so it can’t be modified. If only I had made some kind of backup or copy!

It is the first time I have been working a “serious”, fully functional app, outside of CodePen or Glitch. Switching from CodePen to VS Code has been very hard but the effort has paid off.

Despite the difficulties, I am grateful for all the things this project has taught me, even though some things have to be learned in a “painful” way :sweat_smile:

Another (probably more important) issue with my coding journey is the pressure I am facing from my parents :grimacing:. They don’t understand why I spend so much time in front of a computer. I have explained them many times that I have just finished college and I want a career change, but we always end up in conflict. How can I handle these situations? Please help!

If you want to see the project (or what remains of it), it’s here: https://arnoldgee.github.io/to-do-list-1/

Dude I am in the same boat as you. I completed my degree in 2019 and decided to learn web dev as I really was interested in that domain. My parents initially were ok but as time went on there started pressuring me to find a job. I had to finish all my courses in a hurry (3 months early), and went confused in the interviews only to get rejected

I decided enough was enough and told my parents straight that I am going to start over fresh and will take 6 months before I apply for jobs, and I really dont care what they think of me. I restarted in march and my progress has been real good. THis time around I really feel confident. I have built good job worthy projects. Will be applying for jobs after 2 months

Side Note-The pandemic has really helped me. My parents are now telling me to study and not find jobs due to the crisis. I am now spending my day in udemy learning


Do you live with your parents? It’s always difficult when you have to rely on your parents for accommodation but I can sympathise if moving out is not an option for you.

My parents are understanding as my dad works in IT, but my grandparents don’t understand my degree or what I am doing. They constantly pressure me to go back to university for a medical or law degree even though 1) I have a Master’s already 2) Why would I go into a field I have no interest in?

My best way of dealing with such comments is to first try and explain why what I am doing is worthwhile and can be turned into a career - give your parents examples of the apps they use. Do they use a notes app or a calendar? Then show them your to-do list and explain you know how to build those features they rely on!

Secondly I then try and just ignore the conversation. Smile, but don’t argue with your parents about it if the first step doesn’t work. Put that energy into your work instead.

Good luck! Btw, nice to-do list.

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Hi Arnau,

You can download your code here:

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Thanks a lot for the solution, miku! I am well aware that I need to learn to walk before I can run, and right now I know little about github and git console commands. I’ll get back to the project once I am comfortable with this.

Hi @cezarahulber

I totally agree that empathy and good communication can be a good solution to the situation I am going through. And consistency must also be very important. Anybody can doubt your principles, but nobody but you is going to put in the work.

Btw your UI designs are very neat! If you wanna follow each other on Github: https://github.com/ArnoldGee/

Hi @swagathshetty,

I wish you the best with your job hunt! Personally, I am really surprised with the progress I’ve made in the past 2 months, and would like to start taking on real projects very soon, but my main focus is still on learning.

If your code is on GitHub pages, then it’s in a GitHub repository. You can clone that repository back onto your computer and have all of your files back.