Lost the code - I cleared my cache and lost finished challenges code

Help please, I happened to create an infinite loop and so couldn’t get back to editing my challenge that I was working on. the browser was constantly non responding. Google suggested to clear my cache which helped but I lost the code to my previous finished challenges in FCC. It’s many hours of work for me so I would really like to have it restored. Please advice.

Your solutions are also stored on the server, but you can’t see them at this moment:


thank you, that’s certainly calming. Will I have to do something to bring the solutions back or will they eventually appear when beta version of FCC will be switched to production? In a about how much time will that be? Thanks again.

Do we have today the same problem?
Right now I logged in with another browser (Mozilla) and I don’t see my progress. Fortunately I didn’t log out in my browser (Chrome) and I see all my progress. It looks like a bug.