Lost Username in www.freecodecamp.org

I joined www.freecodecamp.org in November of 2017. I spent some time with the platform in 2018 going through some HTML and Javascript lessons earning 246 points.

When I logged in this morning I found my username was changed from AustinPowered to @(really long UUID). My timeline is still shown and everything else about my profile seems unchanged.

It looks like I can edit my username on the Account Settings page but I’m concerned this may impact my saved history.



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@AustinPowered, I moved your post to the support subforum where it will get more eyes on.

Hey there,

What you described sounds like what happens when you log into our testing site (freecodecamp.dev). Are you sure you did not do this?

If you did, in fact, log into the production site (freecodecamp.org), then you should be able to change your name/username without consequence. However, I have never seen, or come across, such a case about the username changing in that way.

So, if any weird behaviour continues, I recommend reaching out to support@freecodecamp.org , and detailing what you are experiencing. It would be easiest for records, if you email using the email address associated with your freeCodeCamp account.

Hope this helps

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I was able to change my username to austinpowered in Account/Settings and everything is still there.

I don’t believe I ever logged into freecodecamp.dev. Perhaps being away so long fuzzed out a new behavior.

Thank you for confirming that making this change would not erase or orphan my history.

I’m looking at the Information Security course. Hopefully, I will be able to power through it and add some certs to my profile.


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