LOVE Peanut Butter? Then Give Feedback on MyTribute Page on George Washington Carver

Hola! If you love anything with peanuts then you have to thank George Washington Carver.
Please provide feedback on my tribute page to him.

Tribute Page

P.S. Fun Fact: I’m actually allergic to peanuts but I love Carver’s story.

Hey good work :thumbsup:!

Add class="img-responsive center-block" to the image so it looks better on small screens.

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Hey, it’s nice) And the background color kinda reminds of peanut butter)

What I would change - yea, make image responsive plus when the page is small margins around the text look a little too wide, could make them a bit smaller for easier reading.

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Looks great. What’s more, I learned something. As a long time fan of peanut butter, thank you George Washington Carver.

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@ladyoniyide omg you have no idea. Everyone knows me as the peanut butter nut. I literally have 8 peanut butter jars of different types in my pantry and 7 different jellies. I eat peanut butter with a spoon and I eat peanut butter sandwiches every day, sometimes multiple times a day.

One time, I had 3 PB&Js, one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

That said, you are my new hero.

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Added. Thank you for that!

Made an adjustment. Let me know if the margins still look a little too wide to you. Thanks for the feedback!

@TheOnlyRealTodd lol The stuff probably oozes from your pores.

@Perfidion Bonus fact: Carver is also worked with Henry Ford. So if you like American cars you can thank him partially for that too.