Love some feedback on my "Tribute Page" to Bruce Springsteen


I have just finished the tribute page challenge and would love some feedback on it. It is based on Bruce Springsteen and I have built it using Twitter Bootstrap.

I have tried to do something different with it and have used and adapted a simple timeline snippet I found online.

Would love to know what you think of it.


A well crafted page. It is indeed, a tribute. You’ve shown a lot of knowledge in implementing the project and rightly, you should feel proud.
At the bottom of your page, it says, ‘more springteen’; when I tap it (because I assume it is a link), it takes me back to the top of your page; is this deliberate?

Well done.

Hi de-facto

Thank you for the feedback.

The “More Springsteen” is a link that goes to the official Bruce Springsteen website.

I have tested it just now and the link worked so hopefully all is ok.

Sorry it’s taken so long to reply, Wi-Fi issues.

The site and your page looks good; well done on persevering with it.