Low No Code ? Are we cool, like the other side of the pillow?

Hello World
Guys/Gals I am a newbie. What is the deal with No Code? I am learning JavaScript, and I am wondering about No Code making what I/We are doing obsolete…

No matter where I go, there I am.

I wouldn’t worry about it. A lot of it is just marketing hype. The need for good human developers is not going away anytime soon. Get back to me in 20 years :slight_smile:


“No code” builders are software… that is built by software developers…via code.


What you’ll find amongst these low code/no code tools is that they do provide the same amount of value of say… a full-fledged web application that does all the things that you would need to have a business online. But you will quickly find that they are limited if you want to do any custom work and it will require custom code to get them to do that what you want.

Another issue is that when that platform breaks, you can’t fix it. You would be at the mercy of the developers who created the low/no code tool.

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Low/No Code solutions doesn’t mean low/no problems.

Code is a tool to solve problems. Programmers use that tool to solve the problem

Low/No code tools can solve some problems, but if the person using them doesn’t understand their own problem they could use the tool incorrectly any number of ways. Along with that Low/No Code solutions can only cover a specific set of problems.

At a certain point you’ll want a platform that can adapt to any problem to create any solution however you want. That platform is code itself.

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Thank you. That is nice to hear. Back in 1980, I coded “Qbert” well, I was 10, I just copied the code from the back of my Dad’s mags. It was loaded with errors. The movie “War Games” had come out…
I wanted to play a game.

Word that.
Thank you for your comment.

Thank you, Dan
I’m picking up what you are putting down.

Thanks, Brad
I can dig it… I have so far to go, I just would hate to put in all the work… You know what I mean.

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