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This is the link,
I’ve chosen CodePen full view to allow access to the code with easiness, for FB I prefer the “Debug Mode” share (it removes the CodePen buttons).
I am not really learning but instead updating my IT knowledge. I’ve started developing in spectrum more 30 years ago, I am a professional developer for 15 years… and I am cheating, I prefer in improving the given examples than creating them from scratch.
If I had build this project from scratch I would probably choose a Wordpress template because I have already some experience with it (Wordpress), but I also think I would be working out of tune with FCC and the proposed projects.
If you wish to talk about anything more in detail … please ask :wink:
Best regards,

Welcome Luis,

You’ll get out of the program what you put into it, and I think that even given your experience, you’d learn a lot by creating the projects from scratch. Still, it’s good that you’re here and that you’re learning, so I look forward to seeing what else you produce.

Your position is a valid one, but my context of a large experience in HTML, JS, CSS, or frames like YUi (or IUY?), Node.js or jQuery (framwork that is also used by bootstrap) makes me want to correct what was wrong in the presented model from which I’ve removed some errors like avoiding ID’s in CSS or keeping a clean CSS by ordering the properties alphabetically. I find it more interesting to replace the fonts used by the ones offered by google … and I don’t think it makes me a worst developer :wink:

It’s certainly fine to clean up the example code, but there’s so much more to learning web development than code style. Can you start a React project from scratch? Can you write a Gulp file? If not, then you can learn something by doing the projects. There are a few other experienced developers here, and the experience they bring has a positive effect on the community. I think that you’re capable of much, much more than just changing fonts and alphabetizing style rules :wink: Still, you’re free to be here, learn, ask questions, and hopefully offer some of that experience as help on these forums.

I was tempted to use AngularJS, now it suddenly became a huge requirement in the PT job market. But that also reminded me when I took the SharePoint MS-exam, because it was a strong requirement at the time but I ended up getting a PHP developer job (and I don’t regret it).
If you look at the example
versus my changes you’ll find that the differences are a little bigger than code style.
But I’m finding the javaScript challenges very interesting and hard enough, that is where my attention will be focused in the near future :wink: