Mac & Cheese Tribute Page Feedback

Hi Campers,
May you please have a look at my tribute page. Any suggestions on the design?

Happy coding.

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Looks pretty good! both the design and the food :slight_smile: I would

remove white spaces on the edges. This can be usually done by giving margin and padding 0 to the body.
bring the overall fontsize just a little bit bigger.

:clap: cheers.


Simple and gets the job done.

Potential improvements:

  1. Put the last step of the Instructions - “Serves 8” - into a different section. Something like the one below can be nice:

  1. Slight typo “receipe” in the last sentence near the footer.

  2. This is mostly personal: the image looks off with the white background.

Awesome work! I hope you’ll keep on coding.

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Thank you so much for your feedback. I made the spelling correction and will look into how to create a different section to place info in the image you provided.

Thank you very much. I will work on the margin and padding settings. I appreciate your time.