Mac zookeeper download can't find conf/

Hello, there
I’m trying to install tools such as zookeeper and kafka to implement my project tutorials.
But I didn’t find the conf/ file under the zookeeper’s directory, I use Mac terminal command, and here is all underneath the directory:

Rios-MacBook-Pro:3.4.13 riochen$ pwd
Rios-MacBook-Pro:3.4.13 riochen$ ls -a
..				bin
.bottle				data
.brew				homebrew.mxcl.zookeeper.plist
INSTALL_RECEIPT.json		include
LICENSE.txt			lib
NOTICE.txt			libexec

Not like what it should be looked like in tutorials here:

Any tips would be appreciate

Hi, what command did you use to install the zookeeper?

Sorry to not mention,
I installed by homebrew in mac while the tutorial is pkg unzipping or something

Please try this one:

yes, i did follow on this post, but can’t find the configiration file

It should be inside the conf folder.