Machine Learning - Starting Point

I work in Customer Service where we need to be able to evaluate how well Chat conversations are going but we see about 8 mil + contacts per year. Thinking Machine Learning is the only way to evaluate enough responses , as now we evaluate <1% of all contacts. What is a good starting point to learn about ML?

  • Disclaimer, I know nothing about ML, what makes it up, or how it works.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Just because you have a large data set doesn’t mean that you need machine learning.

True, ML was my assumption. How would you recommend evaluating that type of volume?

Hello there,

It sounds like you want to do sentiment analysis. Unless you particularly want to learn ML, there are dozens of already-trained models out there (on the interweb) that you can probably ‘pick and place’.

If you want to start learning ML, then it depends on your background:

  • If you have programming experience, try the freeCodeCamp - Machine Learning with Python curriculum.
  • If you are new to programming, then it is best to get experience with a programming language first (pretend ML does not exist - do not learn two things at once). I suggest either JavaScript or Python.
  • If you have little-to-no maths background, then you would benefit from taking some Algebra (Linear and Matrix), Calculus, and Statistics courses.

In my experience, MATLAB is a very quick and easy way to get into training your own models. So, if you have access to a license…

Hope this helps


Yes for sure, how do you scale sentiment analysis?

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