Machine Learning with Python Projects - Linear Regression Health Costs Calculator

No matter what i do I keep getting this same error message. ValueError: Labels dtype should be integer. Instead got <dtype: ‘float32’>.

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Import libraries. You may or may not use all of these.

!pip install -q git+
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd


%tensorflow_version only exists in Colab.

%tensorflow_version 2.x
except Exception:
import tensorflow as tf

from tensorflow import keras
from tensorflow.keras import layers

import tensorflow_docs as tfdocs
import tensorflow_docs.plots
import tensorflow_docs.modeling
from sklearn.model_selection import train_test_split

Import data

dataset = pd.read_csv(‘insurance.csv’)

train_data, test_data = train_test_split(dataset, test_size=0.2, random_state=42)

y_train = train_data.pop(‘expenses’)
y_eval = test_data.pop(‘expenses’)
y_train = y_train.astype(‘int32’)
y_eval = y_eval.astype(‘int32’)

CATEGORICAL_COLUMNS = [‘sex’, ‘smoker’, ‘region’]
NUMERIC_COLUMNS = [‘age’, ‘bmi’, ‘children’]

feature_columns =
for feature_name in CATEGORICAL_COLUMNS:
vocabulary = train_data[feature_name].unique() # gets a list of all unique values from given feature column
feature_columns.append(tf.feature_column.categorical_column_with_vocabulary_list(feature_name, vocabulary))

for feature_name in NUMERIC_COLUMNS:
feature_columns.append(tf.feature_column.numeric_column(feature_name, dtype=tf.float32))

def make_input_fn(data_df, label_df, num_epochs=10, shuffle=True, batch_size=32):
def input_function(): # inner function, this will be returned
label_df = tf.cast(label_df, tf.int32) # convert labels to integer
ds =, label_df)) # create object with data and its label
if shuffle:
ds = ds.shuffle(1000) # randomize order of data
ds = ds.batch(batch_size).repeat(num_epochs) # split dataset into batches of 32 and repeat process for number of epochs
return ds # return a batch of the dataset
return input_function # return a function object for use

linear_est = tf.estimator.LinearClassifier(

We create a linear estimtor by passing the feature columns we created earlier

linear_est.train(train_input_fn) # train
result = linear_est.evaluate(eval_input_fn) # get model metrics/stats by testing on tetsing data

print(result[‘accuracy’]) # the result variable is simply a dict of stats about our model

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You really need to post your colab notebook sharing link or post your code in a code block since the indentation is gone without them. Also, post your complete errors in code blocks; that error should have had line numbers in the traceback.

This error usually occurs during the separation of data into features and something appears to be using a float instead of an integer.

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