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Hey there, I’m 16 and currently doing the Machine Learning in python course, and I just needed a little help for this one project. I have completed all others successfully, after searching up different layers I could use and searching up errors on stack overflow, but tbh for this question I don’t know where to start. Im assuming we need to use a Hidden Markov Model or something, but in the course we had pre-defined probabilities while using the model, and I am not sure where to even start for this project.

I tried searching online for similar projects, no luck. I tried searching for the exact same project, found one github users page which had it, but even that didn’t give me a clue where to start, or how he did it. Is there any materials you could recommend for me to learn what to exactly do in this project? Or at least provide a basic starting point?

P.S. to the freecodecamp dev team, could you think about updating the Machine Learning with python course? Its over 3 years old, the classification and regression/estimator models provided in the start of the course are deprecated, and other than the Cat and Dog image classifier, I don’t think any other projects had a solid framework to put you on the right path. Most of the layers or methods I used were never discussed in the course. Seems kind of impractical for us to go through hours of videos just for none of the information on it to be practical anymore, and for none of the knowledge we gained to be used. Why not just put the projects first and ask us to research and learn on our own from the start then?

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Challenge: Machine Learning with Python Projects - Rock Paper Scissors

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You may search “Hidden Markov Model” and “rock paper scissors”, or “reinforced learning” and “rock paper scissors” to get some ideas. And Kaggle once has a RSP competition, which let users to submit bots to battle each others, and all kinds of approaches emerged, could be a treasure trove for researching strategies. In this challenge you don’t have to face bots using all kinds of strategies, just have to beat 4 bots.

Thanks man, Just got my certification today. Very proud of it. Thanks for the help.

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