Made a language mistake converter

Sometimes I write something in Hebrew but my keyboard is set on English.Then I have to delete everything and type again. Other people who their mother language is not English will understand the suffer. I was pretty bored from doing a summer project so I wrote a little script which convert the Hebrew sentence which is written in English to a regular Hebrew.
I tried to do that as efficient as possible.
Please let me know what u think and how could I improve it.
(I have a problem I can’t change the width of the input field, I tried but couldn’t make it work)
The page:

Use the attribute size or the textarea instead of input element.

Thanks a lot! I’ll do that tomorrow

You should add <meta charset="utf-8"> in your HTML header.

Currently your page defaults to Windows-1252 (at least for me) and if I type

nzk yuc

I’m getting:

מזל טוב

If I manually change page encoding to UTF-8, it looks like this:

מזל טוב

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