Made a New Portfolio for Tomorrow's Jobfair

Granted, I’m looking for any stop-gap job to keep me from going broke while I continue to learn to code! I don’t really expect to get a lot of interest from the tech companies because I still have a lot to learn, but I figured I’d chat with some people just to get a feel for things.

I welcome feedback. (bearing in mind that a few things are incomplete, like the project thumbnails and the contact info; here I come 3am!)

I have a question for those who understand more than I do:

  1. Since my navbar is fixed to the top of the page, it covers the headings when I use the nav-links to jump to a section (say “projects”). How do I avoid or triage that problem? Also, jumping to projects isn’t enough to make scrollspy add the .active class to the middle nav-item Clicking jumps you to it, but you have to scroll past for scrollspy to update it… What did I screw up there? All my code for this is on github if you prefer that over the inspector.

Nice job! Your link tags are pointed at the divs containing each section, so to avoid the fixed nav covering your headline text easily, just add a margin to it or some padding at the top of your div. You might consider using some javascript to scroll smoothly to each section. I’m not familiar with scrollspy, so I’m not sure why projects isn’t getting the active class when clicked, but you might consider just incorporating it into your own script since it’s a one page site. Also, it would be nice to see a description in your title tag after your name, maybe matching the subtitles under your name on your hero section?

Yeah, I would wrap the content in a div and give that a margin-top.

As to the content, I would make the follow suggestions:

You list yourself as “Web Developer - Event Organizer - Dance Instructor & DJ”. Why would they care about non-tech jobs? If anything, I think it makes you look less serious about coding.

Don’t list all your business skills. Most of the things you list are pretty simple and the others aren’t really relevant to coding. You have a limited amount of time to convince them you are a coder before they get bored and go to the next resume.

Your Education section is weak, move that below Experience. Why not list FCC certificates?

Why not list Freelance Web Developer? Even if you have no clients yet, you can call yourself that.

And I would parse your experience. They don’t need to know you worked in a movie theater selling popcorn. Most of your others can be shortened significantly. The farther it is from web dev, the less specific you should be. Again, you have a limited time to make your case. You don’t want them parsing line after line after line of fluff wondering when they’re going to get to something that is relevant. If I was a resume screener, this would start to annoy me.

I assume you realize that the portfolio data is not there.

The contact info isn’t there - no data or links.

Kevin, your honesty is brutal, but needed and refreshing. I’m not shooting for the developer job yet because I haven’t completed my FCC certs and I know I still have a ways to go before I’m content with and confident in my own progress, regardless of certifications. I suppose I’ve been directionless in my job hunts for so long, I’ll need to re-tailor my whole resume when I’m ready to actually go for it. As for the missing portfolio data and the links, I need to finish all that up, I was mostly looking to get some feedback on the presentation, layout, and the jump to id issues I was having. You gave me some good content feedback and I appreciate it.

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