Made a website for a fake Sushi Restaurant

I’m trying to add more websites to showcase to employers for my portfolio.
So I made this today, is something like this okay to show to potential places of employment?
I’ve applied to quiet a few places and I’ve heard absolutely nothing.

What do you see that I could improve on.

Looks good to me bro. I feel your frustration when it comes to the applying apart thou.

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I guess it’s just numbers game like they say, I’ll just keep applying and improving.

I’ve honestly always heard web development and software jobs have the highest job growth out of any other field. Sure doesn’t seem like it though.

Looks great! Have you considered making the link at the top stay the same color when you hover over them, or maybe change them to a different color? The pink color doesn’t really match with the rest of the website.

Yeah I probably should remove the pink, I was going to go with a pink/black color scheme when I first started it and ended up doing the whole thing in pretty much white. Thanks for pointing that out.