Made a website for an NGO

This NGO contacted me to build a website for me so I have been working on it.

Initially it looked like this.

I asked people to review it an they said it doesn’t look professional enough so I went back to the drawing board and redesigned and built the UI. Now it looks like this

Please review it and let me know if I can improve it further. Thanks :smile:

Update - modified website color theme - new website

Further Update -
Fixed responsiveness related issues.
Please see here.

Older UI
New UI
Please take a look.

ooh! c9 says: No application seems to be running here!
:face_with_raised_eyebrow: on the second link

Try now I have re-deployed to heroku.

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looks fine, you can add some opacity or text shadow or bg on text to get more readability from here.

Hey, It’s an improvement to the previous! but the image stretching doesn’t look so nice on the image Carousell. but other then that, Good job (Y)

i updated the color theme of my website
old -
new -
please review and let me know what you think

Looks great. My only critique is that as @Cancerlot pointed out the stretched carousel photo.

I recently built a full stack app for an NGO and asked you guys to review it in this post.

I am now starting to write a Readme for that project with the following goals in mind

  • Anybody new to the project should get an understanding of

    • the overall scope of the project
    • what technology was used in the project
  • Any potential employer looking at the Readme would understand what problems I solved with this project and hopefully would be impressed.

How good a job does this Readme do?
And how can I improve it?