Made my CSS disappear


I am working on my Survey and I meant to copy all my CSS but made it all stop displaying.

Any insight would be great.

It looks like you’ve accidentally pasted in HTML over the CSS.
TRY ctrl z or some other form of UNDO.

I’m not sure if codepen has a recovery function, but I can try to find out.

Sometimes, it’s a good Idea to periodically also store the code on an external Source, like a text pad, to help in situations where It might accidentally become Unrecoverable.

Thanks ALLESS, apparently I can’t proofread either. I did try undo right after I made the mistake but it didn’t go back. Not sure what I hit to undo a so many hours of work.

It was probably just an accidental ctrl v. . Did you save after it appeared…?


I can’t either, join the club.

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