Mail For Good - Are there any future plans for this project?

Hey everyone,

I’m not sure who is familiar with the status of the Mail for Good project and what is happening to it? I created an issue #329 on the project repo but I suspect no one is watching it anymore.

I don’t know if there are any plans for the project and if there is going to be more work done on it? I can assist in any way (merging PRs and triaging issues). Also implementing new features. I don’t know if there is a roadmap for future features.

Hopefully someone here on this forum is familiar with the status of the project. :smile:

I am familiar with React/Redux and Node.js. If there are plans to revive and update the project then I would love to assist as I am looking to sink my teeth into a project and to give back to freeCodeCamp.

Yes - the main maintainer of Mail for Good got a new job and has been primarily focused on that.

I’m mentioning @drewwalsh here so he can jump in when he sees this and give you more details on the project’s future.

Mail for Good works great, though. I use it each week to send out an email to 2 million people - at 10,000 emails per $1 US - the cheapest high-deliverability email available.

You could dig into the project, wrap your head around the codebase, and start contributing to it if you want. Me and the many nonprofits who depend on it would certainly be grateful. We just have a lot of other things going on in the freeCodeCamp community at the moment, so we’ve de-prioritized it a bit.


Unless there’s some Mr Robot shit going on and my alter ego is doing this in the middle of the night, I think you tagged the wrong person :stuck_out_tongue:

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You’ve been leading a secret online revolution all this time :wink:

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Hello colleagues! There is some issue with Google Auth in this project, which prevents users from logging into the App.

Could you please please please fix it?

First of all, welcome to the freeCodeCamp forum.

I just commented on the GitHub issue. And I reached out to @drewwalsh to see if he can dig into this authentication issue and fix it. Thanks for your patience.

I have patched some dependencies and left a comment. It would be great if someone can test before we are able to release these.