Main tag using problem with header and footer

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The main tags should be between the closing header tag and the opening footer tag??-- i don’t get it.

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  <h1>Weapons of the Ninja</h1>


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Help him set up his markup by adding opening and closing main tags between the header and footer (covered in other challenges).

<main> AND </main> both must be between the header and footer.

The header and footer are elements. You might want to go back a few lessons to make sure you understand how an element is comprised.

Think of it this way: You should never close off an outer tag of an element until all the inner element opening tags have been closed.

Example of incorrect closing tags:

  <h1>Weapons of the Ninja

Above the outer element tag (body) is closed before the inner element (h1) has been closed. The correct syntax would be:

  <h1>Weapons of the Ninja</h1>
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