Main topics of programming - Project to create a dictionary

Hi coders,
I’d like to learn more about the main topics a programmer should know
I would like to do it for my personal project,that is, to create a sort of dictionary for novice programmers like me.
Would you like to help me?
-No need for explanation just the concept (For example : recursion )
-Any concept that can range from functional programming to object-oriented programming

Just to clarify, you’d like a list of programming concepts for you to go away and develop a personal reference for?

Hi @JacksonBates,
I would like to create a dictionary for all those who like me are beginners.
I want to put all the main concepts of programming, but I know few concepts and I would also like to deepen them.

It’s a worthy project, and I’d love to see it happen. One of the bigger challenges in creating a glossary however is in writing definitions that reach your target audience, adequately explain the concept, and keeping the definition pithy enough without being either vague or meanininglessly reductionist. Writing good reference material is difficult, and it’s even harder if you’re starting without solid subject matter knowledge yourself.

I could, for example, write a definition for recursion as “a function that calls itself”, which is pretty useless as an explanation. I could go into the “how” of recursion with a visualization of function invocation and call stacks, but that doesn’t really convey the overall concept anymore – and it wouldn’t fit into a glossary entry besides. I could go into mathematical induction for a formal definition and everyone’s eyes would glaze over. In fact, I don’t know how to explain the overall concept in a few sentences, and I’ve been swimming in recursion for many years.

Still, now that the Guide is moving into a forum/wiki hybrid thing, you could always write stub definitions that link to the Guide for further explication and fill them out later. Since you’re learning the concepts as you go, it’d make a good study guide for you as well.

Actually, it was decided a little while back that there will be no Guide articles transferred to the forum. The Guide category on the forum will hold the hints/solutions and a few miscellaneous articles (TBD by Quincy).