Main won't stretch the width of the page when window is narrowed

It looks fine when full-screen. But when you make the window narrow and scroll to the right, it’s black (html).

Functionally there’s no reason to scroll right, but this leads me to a second question. Why am I only able to scroll right and not left when window is narrowed?

When the video is wider than the screen, it will extend wider than the width of the page. This is why you have a horizontal scroll. Because of the weirdness of iframes, the video will not expand the width your main container.

It’s happening even when the video is not wider than the screen (but you still narrow the window a bit)

I only see it when the screen is narrower than the iframe + its padding (so 660px)

Hmm I see. I set the padding of the sides to zero, still hasn’t fixed it. Is it that the images stretch beyond it’s div container that is causing the issue now?

Again, I only see an issue when I go smaller than the iframe (now 560px):

This is what I’m seeing

My work network is blocking the source of your photos, so my guess is that it’s the size of your images. Try throwing a max-width on those bad boys.

the width of my three images together was 1732px so I set that to it’s max-width. Problem is still there and also its off center now :confused:

You might want to arrange those images differently on small screens, maybe only show one?

Also, centering things in CSS is one of the things we all hate.

I see. Yeah maybe.

Oh great, I’m not alone : )

Well the tests pass nonetheless, so perhaps I might just let this one go. Thanks for all the the help!