Major issues with whoever created the Vue.js/Express FCC tutorial on Youtube

First of all I’d like to point out that whoever creates these video tutorials for FCC, probably shouldn’t film them if their not willing to support them. Here is the video I am talking about

Dozens of people are having issues with the last part and getting tons of errors in their console. Not once does the video author explain the different issues that may come about or how to fix them. Therefore, it leaves campers “STUCK” with time wasted on a project they’ll never be able to finish because the video author didn’t have the decency to help out.

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Instead of throwing a snit fit over the fact that a volunteer didn’t correctly anticipate all the problems that people might run into in the future, you could use the community platforms like this one to ask for help with issues when they come up.

Since when did telling the truth become a “snit fit”? Did you see me call anyone any names or talk badly about FCC? Nope

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