Make a Linux Distro

Hello :slight_smile:

Does anybody know how to make your own Linux Distro?
I wanted to remake Debian or Ubuntu, but other distros are ok too.
By “your own distro” I mean replacing the OS logo; making the toolbar a bit different; changing default folder icons; etc.
I also wanted to export my distro to an ISO file later… Is it possible?

Thanks in advance!

Way too complicated to explain here. I’m sure if you use the googles to search for “how to make a linux distro” you will find plenty of examples/documentation.

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Hello, sincerely, I don’t know, you will require to search documentation. However I will try to help.
The very little that I know about that is that you can use Yocto project to avoid a lot of work, and also, that you may require a central repository.
You can find more about the steps in the following links:
Hope this helps.

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