Make a Person question about setFirstName

I am stuck here why is getFullName() not returning Haskell Ross?

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const Person = function(firstAndLast) {
// Only change code below this line
// Complete the method below and implement the others similarly
let fname = firstAndLast

this.getFullName = function() {
return firstAndLast
  this.getFirstName =function(){
return firstAndLast.split(" ")[0];
  this.getLastName =function(){
return firstAndLast.split(" ")[1]
  this.setFirstName =function(name){
return name + " " + fname.split(" ")[1]


const bob = new Person('Bob Ross');
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Challenge: Make a Person

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You have defined the method setFirstName to return a string. Don’t you want it to change the value of fname?

I debugged my code and it turned out I was not using the fName for all this functions

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