Make an element go under another

Hi guys, i’m doing the first project. Tha main chat where we are supposed to get a quick help is a total mayhem with people talking about other stuff so i will start asking here, even if it takes longer to get an answer.

I am using codepen and i have this code:

<h2 class="text-center"> American POP/Rock Band </h2>"

<img class="small-image container-fluid" src="" >

the problem is that the <img> is not under the h2, it’s side by side. How do i make determinated element go under another?

<br> tag in-between each element

Which tag? Also, how to put the image on center? When it’s text is class=“text-center”, it is not “image-center”


i am unsure using bootstrap
.class {margin:auto;}

is how i have done before using css

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No bootstrap:

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Put the inside a block element

and add the text-align property to center it. The text-align property isn’t only for text, it’s for the contents of the block element.
<div style="text-align:center;">
<img ...>