Make unresponsive page "RESPONSIVE" (HELP PLEASE!)

hello can some one help me make this page responsive to any device? its perfect on the web but its a little off on mobile devices! please feel free to open up the page and add your solution code for making this responsive ! thanks

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This might help get you started making your project responsive.

I tried changing your body style:
width: 500px
max-width: 500px;

This will allow the body to smaller than 500px in width. I have never seen the body used like this, I would normally add a div container around the form and set the width to max-width: 500px; margin: auto;

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thank you! (max-width) made a difference

would you know how to make this form active? so i can see feedback .

That’s a bit more advanced. You could use javascript to capture the form values and print to screen or log the values to the console. There are many tutorials on youTube for that.

Good luck with it.

yeah barely going to learn about javascript, thanks man.