Making a cascading image link hub

Hello everybody. First of all thanks for the owners of this website for the terrific learning tools!

Now I have a question. How do I make the following:

I want to make a cascading encyclopedic database meaning that if a site visitor hoovers over a link a series of new links appear like a popup enabling the visitor to roam over these links which in their turn causes a new popup, and so on, so that there is no need to open a new page.

The thing is I want to do this image based instead of text based.

The starting link would be a map with several continents in it. If the visitor hoovers over any of those continents the specific continent will popup from the surrounding sea if u get what I mean. so that’s an image that’s not square or round, it is of variable form like a continent is. In that popup sub areas of that continent appear, now if the visitor hoovers over any sub area, it again will be lifted out of its frame to form its own popup with links of local areas etc.

How do I make such a thing in html/css :smiley:

Thanks for any tip from this knowledgeable community :slight_smile: