Making a web form active

Hey i have a question about a freelance project im doing for a family member. I created my web form for a website. The problem im having is making it functional. How do i make the web form functional so when somebody put there info in the other person can view it from the other end. Is there anyway i can do that. Its for a truck business that makes deliveries my uncle owns it. Any suggestions would be great?

How much programming do you want to learn. A form is a front end written in HTML. In the form there is a POST action that sends it to the web server. Now you learn a backend language like PHP,Ruby,Pyhon,Node to parse the data save it (maybe to a database learn SQL) and possibly email or text or create an HTML admin panel he has to log in to.

Many email marketing services include making and receiving forms.

Many services just do forms.

Some webhosting companies have a form service to make it easy for people who don’t code. Netlify does this. Services charge money for number of form submissions, but it’s ok he has a business to pay such expenses.

Google forms starts free I don’t know their maximum. Google forms won’t look as good as yours.

If you use the form service of a webhosting company like Netlify. The front end page can easily be turned into a progressive web app which can be loaded on employees phones and can be many forms that they need to do their job and the service handles the backend. Easy peasy.

I use HTML and CSS. All the backend stuff happens through a service that requires set up but no programing code. My boss uses Infusionsoft, not cheap, I style the forms, all the automation happens through Infusionsoft which I set up. I get emailed everything for monitoring purposes and can see when an employee is having a problem and can intervene before the boss knows. I know when we’re getting spammed and can take care of it. We used to have many work at home receptionists the form was a shortcut on their desktop. Key employees login to a console to view info. Field operators use the Infusionsoft app to see form data and their next thing.

try done that with ReactJS u dont need PHP,Ruby,Pyhon,Node and other stuff…

I use Google Forms for lots of smaller projects since it’s free and the output goes to a spreadsheet for the client. Embedding the forms into a web page makes them look good enough.

But if you want to just code them yourself without using a 3rd party service, that goes well beyond HTML/CSS and unfortunately not an easy ‘here you go’ solution. You need something on the backend to perform the tasks. If I have a project that needs more than Google Forms I use PHP but even that has to be updated to work with latest versions of PHP and run on a server somewhere.