Making a website on your own vs with the curriculum

Hi, when doing the Curriculum for html and css I have hints tips and example code prewritten. I completed the html and css curriculum and now I am at the end phase, where I have to build 5 web pages on myown. I am now at the survey form exercise. But I completely don’t know where to start. Even the basic html code I don’t know. How could I fix this?

Copy-pasting won’t teach you much of anything. You should work on finding your own solution.

I took notes with pen and paper while doing the curriculum. But now I have to build on my own… I don’t know shit…
How can this happen?Why am I stuck? What can I do to get unstuck?

Break down the challenge and do one thing at a time. You may need to research and you will definitely need to experiment and learn through trial and error.

first you need an idea on what to do - do you want an actual survey form, or you will be content with sample text everywhere?

Then, after you have decided the topic or non-topic of your survey form, look at the user stories.

User Story #1: I can see a title with id="title" in H1 sized text.

Here you need to put the tile of the survey form, and you need an id and “H1 sized text”. Do you know about id and about H1? can you find it again in the curriculum to review the challenge? Can you google it?
Try to satisfy the user story, write the code, try to run the tests and check if it passes. If it doesn’t try again, and again, and again. If you get stuck keep googling, and if you really get stuck ask for help.
Does it pass? Awesome! next user story.