Making ajax calls — cannot understand for the life of me

Ok, pardon the dramatic title, but making AJAX calls has to be the most confusing thing to do for me in my coding journey so far.

I’m on the Wikipedia project, where a user enters a keyword and Wikipedia results are returned based on that keyword. I’ve watched SO many tutorials on making AJAX calls and gone over the documentation, but it’s just not clicking.

The main questions that go on in my head when trying to figure this out:

What the heck is supposed to go into an AJAX call and how do I find out? This has to be the most confusing part for me. I don’t understand the “settings” that are supposed to be specified. The only part I understand is what goes into the ‘url’.

Going over the documentation confuses me a lot more, specifically the section that goes over what goes into the “settings” part of an AJAX call. How do I figure out what settings to use?

I’m desperately tempted to watch tutorials on others completing this project and looking at other’s CodePens but I’m trying not to, since I did that with the weather project and lo and behold, I’m having trouble applying what I learned in that project to this one.

If someone can explain what to do in plain English, I’d be grateful :frowning:

For the moment, take a look at this tutorial from Brad. If you still feel you are unable to get your head around it, I will explain in detail. But do watch it first and do the coding along with the instructor.

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yes watch brad traversy ajax crash course on youtube…its very easy to understand