Making an image responsive

I am in my first challenge of creating a Tribute Page. The last two objectives of the challenge I am having trouble with. (1) Make the image responsive. My code is
img { max-width: 100% ;
height: auto; }
The next is to center the image. My code is
img { position: center;}

Nothing happens and I am stuck with 8 out of 10 correct. Can some one tell me what I am missing here?

It will be better to post the link to the code

If I am understanding you correctly you mean like this?
img id=“img” scr= etc…

You can’t use position: center to center an image instead you set the display to block which is a valid value and the margin to auto to center your image. An img is an inline element so we have to make it a block element before we can move it to the center using margin: auto.

The link to your pen I mean or post a more complete code if you are using an offline editor

That was my first thing I did. Then after re-reading the user statement #8, I changed it. I will try it again. Hopefully, this will solve my problem.

Thank you for your help.