Making discord bot video

Hi I’m following the discord bot tutorial video and am stuck on a certain part. I’m relatively new to coding so apologies if anything I ask is obvious.
I’ve been following the video along closely and I’ve double checked all my code across his and it all matches up just fine however when I try to run the bot and type a new encouragment in I get an error which looks like this:

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

you probably need to use a method insteald of the + operator

What do you mean by a method?

nevermind I got it in the end. It was as simple as changing it to options = options + [db[“encouragements”]]

I’d recommend that you take the time for learning Python fully first before getting into more complex stuff(making a discord bot isn’t that difficult), anyways, a method is a function defined within a class in Object Oriented Programming.

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