Making enhancements votable versus internal review only

So this specific topic has been plaguing the back of my mind for quite some time. However, I have been unable to locate many topics on this and I wanted to get some feedback on it.

So I have been doing some redesigning of a random companies forum/community site just because I am testing out my UI/UX skills. While doing so, I started looking at the enhancements to the site as well as the software that this site is used for and was surprised to find out that any enhancements you submit are only seen by your company and your company alone. As well, I found out that those requests are then evaluated by an internal team to determine whether they are worth while requests, put them on the back burner, or else just declined. Lastly, I was informed that you can get “attached” to the already submitted requests, but it doesn’t have much weight other than being notified of the status of that request.

So that brings me here. I would love to get feedback from others on how you felt about having enhancement requests votable by all customers or whether you think it should stay hidden from other customers.

Example of votable:

Thanks. :slight_smile: