Making React App SEO-Friendly without using SSR

I’m trying to make my e-commerce app built with react to be SEO-Friendly, without having to use SSR.

I tried React Snap, but that works only if you hardcode your meta tag description and title on every route. But i amm getting my description from the server which is not determined by me

I tried React Helmet, but it’s not pre-rendering

Hello @sodiqlawal , the only service I know (in “I’ve heard of”) is
Note that it may have a pricing model.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Why don’t you want to use SSR?

With NextJS it’s actually not so hard to setup.

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Thanks, but my client is not ready ready to pay for any other service for now

I’ve completed the app using React. which is a very large app. I’m considering the stress of moving to NextJs

I second Next.js as suggested by @miku86.
At my current job they made the switch a couple of years back specifically to increase SEO capabilities.


What did you end up doing?
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I had to move the app to Next Js.
It took about two weeks, but it was worth it