Making text longer

is there a way i can make my text like this:
Lorem ipsum, blabla
instead of like this:
lorem ipsum

hopefully, I explained it well, thanks in advance :slight_smile:
link to the codepen, if u need it: Codepen Link

EDIT: keep in mind, I tried padding, but it would not center the text

So, you want the text in a line instead of wrapping on two lines?

There are different ways to do that. Can you tell us exactly what line of code is not doing what you want?

This part : hey, welcome to my portfolio

You can apply white-space: nowrap; to the h1 element.

I would also suggest changing your padding in the welcome section to only apply to top and bottom instead of all sides.

But you will probably still want the h1 text to wrap on smaller devices.
So maybe just changing the padding will be enough.

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