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Hi! I am learning front-end web development. I am eventually hoping to get a job freelancing, so I have been looking around at different jobs. Many of them say that they want the website to be easily editable and admin friendly. I was wondering how I would create a website like that? Thanks!

CodePen is a really goodwebsite for this. Especiallyif you want to freelance web develop, that’d be a good place to start!

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With “easily editable” they probably mean an apps’ architecture, the file structure.
If you are already using React, you for example need to organize the different components in a way other developers can find, read and edit your code. This is also valid for other frameworks of course.

“Admin-friendly” can be a wide range and not all of them should concern a frontend - developer? Maybe they mean the connections you build to the back end? Very wage.

That question needed to be clarified by the people recruiting, but we are talking about job postings for developers, that could be said about most of them :laughing:

Sounds more like a WordPress or similar type of site.

If you want to implement that on your own there are many headless CMS systems to choose from. Most have ways of connecting to different types of front-ends. But as you haven’t told us what type of site it is for or what you would code it in we can’t really give any suggestions.

Maybe something like Strapi and Next.js (if you are a React developer).

You can look at the Next.js CMS templates

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