Malcolm X Tribute page done! Any feedback will be appreciated

Hi Campers!

Just completed my tribute page on Malcolm X

Please check it out an any feedback will be much appreciated! I have been looking at other campers page designs and feeling a little out of my league as i am still very new. I will start my 2nd Project and would like to know where i can look to make my design look more professional.

Thank you for your time and feedback

Wesley Craill


This looks great! I’m no designer, so I couldn’t tell you how to make it look professional, but I will say that you should move all of your CSS to the CSS code section. Right now, you’ve got some in <style> tags, and one inline style (line 24). Other than that, just focus on your next project!

Im about to do my first tribute page and i was thinking Malcolm was a great person to pay homage to. I just checked yours out on my phone and i can tell you put in some tome and effort. Im a little confused on how to make the webpage responsive but im excited to give it a go.

The content of your tribute page was smooshed together when i viewed it on my phone im going to checked it out on my laptop in a minute to see how it loads up. I didnt see any media query’s in your code maybe i over looked them but if not they may be helpful in making it respond to the viewers screen size.

Great job nonetheless! Thanks for sharing.

Just looked at the date this was posted lol im a little late to the party.

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