Mama coder in need of help!

Hi all,

I did an MSc in Computer Science 2 years ago at a redbrick university in the UK, and graduated with a Distinction. I’m in my thirties, and did this to change career (I used to work in Marketing).

Shortly after I graduated, I became pregnant with my baby boy who is now 15 months old. When I found out I was pregnant, I went back into Marketing for a bit because it worked out better for us financially.

I’m now desperate to get into a tech job! But unlike before I now have so much more to work around! We’ve recently relocated to a small town in the UK for my partners work, and there aren’t many tech jobs close by. And, I also need to fit in around childcare, so ideally I need to work part time.

Are there companies out there that take on remote working juniors?

Anyone have any other bright ideas? I’m smart, have a good masters behind me, and I don’t care too much about my starting salary. Surely there must be an option?!

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Remote jobs are much harder to get than on-site jobs, and this is much more the case for junior developers. If you also want to be part-time, you are really narrowing down the possible jobs to even apply for. Depending on where your skills/interests lie, you might want to consider freelancing as an alternative to traditional employment (especially since you said that your initial salary isn’t a major concern).

Thanks @ArielLeslie Yes, I am realising that there’s really slim pickings. I thought about getting the experience through credible volunteer work through a global recognised organisation such as Mozilla. I thought that might bridge the gap, but still look great on my CV. What do you think? Any organisations out there that you could suggest?

If you’re looking to balance out the gap between completing your degree and now by contributing to OSS, Free Code Camp could use the help :smiley:

I found this

I hope you find something that suits your needs. Good Luck!