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I have been self learning code for a little while and been making various apps. A problem I am starting to face is organising all the various versions and revisions etc.

I know there are various code repositories like github but I dont really know how they work and I also want to learn basic best practices and methods (if there’s anything close to industry standards Id like to learn that too).

Is there an article or something somewhere that explains proper code lifecycle and management?


This problem is something common for development, regardless of what kind of development you are doing. The solution is using something called version control. Which is software used to control versions, and usually comes down to 1 “modern” option, and that option is git

Github is an online company that provides remote repository hosting, and software management tools. Github is what git interacts with, where github “is online” and git is used locally on your machine to manage git repos. Github is popular with open source communities (such as freeCodeCamp) because it offers free services and has become somewhat an industry standard. Other alternatives would be bitbucket and gitlab. All three work with git, and are just how you’d interact with them in regards to managing your code.

Here’s an article going into the two technologies that should help provide some context to what they are and do.

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