Managing Packages with NPM - Do I need a full project?

What’s happening:
At first I gave the link to a Gist with only a package.json. It told me I needed a live app link, so I made a basic app where I’m just changing the color of a paragraph element when a button is clicked and tried to submit that, but that also didn’t work.

What am I missing here? Do I need an actual backend app?

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Challenge: How to Use package.json, the Core of Any Node.js Project or npm Package

Link to the challenge:

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There should be a boilerplate to use linked, it seems the new update has made them gone missing

I’ve opened a bug report:

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I think it’s this one:

you can fork it, and code startint from that. I suggest, you can then submit the live app link generated above the preview when you run the code

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Thanks for the help. I’ll try it.

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Do I just need to have a package.json in the repl for now? I don’t need any other files, right? Just asking for clarification.

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you also need the server.js and other files otherwise the app can’t run and you can’t have a live app to submit to be tested

fork the repo I linked above, start from that

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I’m just asking if I need to write any code in the repl after forking from that boilerplate (I already forked it and have imported from the repo into repl as well), to pass the challenge.

you need to add the author to the package file

also you will reuse this same project for all the block of challenges

hopefully for once you reach next block the boilerplate links would have been added back in

I tried to submit - boilerplate-npm-3, but this wasn’t accepted either. I still get a message saying, “package.json should have a valid ‘author’ key (Test timed out)”. I also tried to do it without the #package.json part earlier but that didn’t work either. What do I do now?

you need to submit the live app link so that the tests can interact with your app

I just tried submitting Backend Challenges | Free Code Camp ( as well, but no luck. What am I missing now?

is your app running when you submit?

Yes. I got the link when it was running.

sorry, I have finished the possibilities without testing it myself and I am not able to at the moment

Okay, I got it to go through. I just needed to refresh the running app for some reason.