Managing Packages with Npm - Error


I keep getting this error message when I start this project on glitch.

This document has been deleted outside of the editor.

Please run “refresh” in the console.

Can anyone show me what I’ve done wrong?


Are you logged in to Glitch through your GitHub account?
If not, try that. If you don’t have a GitHub account, you should create one since you’ll have to have one to pass the backend projects.

Hi willjw3,

I am logged in but don’t know what to do next.

Am I meant to import or export it?


My best advice is to follow these steps:

  1. Log into Glitch. When you click the ‘Sign in’ button, you’ll be given a few options. Choose ‘Sign in with GitHub’.
  2. Go the the part of the freeCodeCamp curriculum called “Managing Packages with Npm.”
  3. Click the link to “Introduction to the Managing Packages with npm Challenges
  4. At the bottom of the introduction, just above the very large green button that says ‘Go to the first lesson’, you’ll see the following sentence:

“Start this project on Glitch using this link or clone this repository on GitHub! If you use Glitch, remember to save the link to your project somewhere safe!”

  1. Click ‘this link’ and you’ll be taken to Glitch (You should already be signed in at this point). Keep your eye on the top-right corner of the page; after a few seconds of page-loading, you’ll see the message there ‘Importing from GitHub’, followed by ‘Import successful’ and ‘Connected’. You should now have a package.json file for editing. DO NOT EDIT THE server.js FILE.

Hope this helps.

Top man! All sorted!

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Good luck.