Managing Packages with Npm: how is the glitch or github functionality intended to work?

How is this supposed to work?
Following the glitch link and making the trivial addition to the package file still results in a

// running tests
Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0
// tests completed

Tried initially without logging in (which fails to even import the proper template), then tried after logging in with github auth based on the advice in this forum post. Same result.

I’ve also tried cloning the repo and using the link to my repo on github for this lesson (direct link to package file in that repo). Still failing, though it at least appears to test…something

// running tests
// tests completed

…and of course it leads me to questions like:

  • Do I have to maintain the provided branch name/structure, or can i use dev/master/feature branches like i would in any other case?’
  • Do I provide a link to the base repo? Specific file? Specific branch? ?

This isn’t terribly important from a learning perspective (in the sense that I’m currently covering things I already use), but I really would like my fcc profile to reflect completion. If someone can explain to me how the github option should work, I would definitely prefer that over glitch.