Manipulating Complex Objects, having issues regarding the topic

This is very trick, please kindly jump in with guidance, i’ve read my guiding description of what is expected of me but i seem to not come with a correct solution. please kindly assist.

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const myMusic = [
  "artist": "Billy Joel",
  "title": "Piano Man",
  "release_year": 1973,
  "formats": [
  "gold": true
  "artist": "Willie Smity",
  "tittle": "Drums",
  "release_year": 2021
  "forrmats": [
    " CD",
    "Apple Music",
  "gold": true
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Challenge: Manipulating Complex Objects

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Please again read the program instruction.

if you see in your console, there is this error

// running tests
SyntaxError: unknown: Unexpected token, expected "," (17:2)

  15 |   "tittle": "Drums",
  16 |   "release_year": 2021
> 17 |   "forrmats": [
     |   ^
  18 |     " CD",
  19 |     "Apple Music",
  20 |     "Muzmo"

it says it is expecting a comma and instead got something different. Aren’t you missing something there?

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