Map does not display all my finished tasks but did before_edited with more info

HELP! My map no longer displays all the tasks I have completed!

I had finished everything until Make Tribute Page to which I was 90% done. Now the map states that I haven’t done anything. This happened once before, so I had to start from the beginning and hit “enter” over and over again through every exercise until it “reloaded” them all once again. BUT, it had done it again and I really DON’T want to have to do this every single time I log in or make a change. How do I fix this? I’ve sent emails but no response.

I went through my history and when I am logged in under is also attached to and when I go to any of the tasks that I have done before and it states that now I haven’t, I only have to hit enter because my answer that I completed before is already loaded. So, I don’t think I have multiple accounts because the original link, the github and today’s link all go to the same user. The only thing I can think of is that there is confusion between this account and @QuincyLarson, can you please help?

It sounds like you may have accidentally created a duplicated account. We should still have all of your progress in our database, associated with your original account. Can you email me at with your GitHub username and email?