MAP Question - Goinga back to old solutions

I have made 99 tasks, usually I can go back and read what i wrote. Also I do leave notes for myself.

Is this by design? Not being able to go back and check code and notes?

I’m not entirely sure what you’re saying, but I will say that leaving comments in your code is typical in the real world. Not only will it make your code more readable for yourself when you take breaks and come back to your work, but it will also outline your own thought process, and be especially easily readable to your coworkers, partners, and employers. Comment and comment when something isn’t clear.

Sorry I have to refrase my question.

I can not go back to old map tasks, challenges and so on, to check what I have done here on freeCodeCamp. Earlier I was able to check my old code that I have written in every task/challenge.

So my question popped up beacuse I can not see old code here on Freecodecamp.

I see what you mean. While I don’t have a perfect solution, a lot of the solution to the previous JS challenges (you should only do this if you’ve completed the challenges yourself) are on the wiki or are online. Maybe that can help you

Hello @JohnnyE ! I guess u can do that on your profile page.
Go there and scroll down. Click on view solution on your wanted lesson and you’re done.

all my history is empty :frowning: