Map tracking of exercises completed betwween sessions

I’ve just started FCC, I spent a day going through exercises and when I logged back in, the Map doesn’t show anything checked off. I have to start all over again!! Doesn’t this retain information to allow me to do some of the exercise each day? If not, I think it should.

I hope you’re not referring to the beta version, as it doesn’t save your info.
Otherwise I don’t know what the problem is.

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It doesn’t show beta anywhere and I just signed up this week. I’ll look to see if there is a version anywhere. Also, I’m on Windows 10 using a Firefox browser.

Are you checking the ‘map’ itself or your ‘fCC profile’?

this is the link to the map:

this is the link to my profile…

your’s has you fCC name in it where mine is…

probably something like:

you can reach it by clicking the number on the top nav bar right beside your icon… top right.

the profile should capture you progress, yes… if it doesn’t there’s a bug or something and you should probably log it… or you went through the exercises without logging in…

Thank goodness it retained my answers so I didn’t have to repeat the exercises. I just pressed “Run Tests” and it accepted my prior results.

goodGood! glad it’s working now…

Your answers are stored in your local browser cache, so just make sure tha tyou’re actually logged in. Try logging in from an incognito window or different browser to be confident your progress (not just your ‘answers’) are being saved.