Maps on maps on maps on stacks

Update: to anyone who cares, it turns out I had copied someone else’s d3 code who had been using v3. I am using v5 so copying (and editing) their code did no good. Lesson learned? Always read documentation.

I am continuing work on my Big, Fat Data Dashboard (I will post the whole project for feedback as soon as it is completed). In the meantime, baby steps continue apace:

After finally loading the data in a format palatable to d3 and creating a chart with it, I am now creating a stacked bar chart. In order to do that, I have to further manipulate the data using the d3 method stack(). However, the final array is empty. This, despite console.logs throughout map() showing the correct values.

I think this is a JS problem and not a d3-specific problem so hoping it’s still appropriate to post here.

Thanks in advance!

My code:

// Transpose the data into layers
  let dataset = d3.stack()(
    ["Number of Agents", "Number of Active BB Agents"].map(function(agent) {
      // return => { x: each.Year, y: each[agent] });
      return {
        console.log({ x: d.Year, y: d[agent] });
        return { x: d.Year, y: d[agent] };


console.log checks:
Original data when loaded in:

Checking value of { x: d.Year, y: d[agent] } as they are created:

Check of final array:

Also, and this might be a little greedy, but I want to know why this code won’t work:
// return => { x: each.Year, y: each[agent] });
When I try to use it, I get a VS Code highlighting the colon after y. Message is: ';' expected.

You need to wrap the { and } with parentheses, because JavaScript will think you are defining a function and not returning an object.

return => ({ x: each.Year, y: each[agent] }));
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