Marie Curie Tribute Page design

I would appreciate any sort of feedback on how I can improve my website. Iโ€™m struggling a lot with design fundamentals(especially color theory), it would be greatly appreciated if you criticize my choice of colors in this webpage.

note: I wanted a green theme as a symbolical representation of uranium (which is a green glowing radioactive element) in which Marie Curie have pioneered in researching which also cause her death :frowning:

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Hi again!

I think your page looks good.
I think the colors work really well.

If you are planning on resubmitting this project then you do have to make sure all of the tests are passing. Right now you are passing 9/10.

If this is just extra practice and you donโ€™t plan on submitting this for FCC then you can just remove the test suite.

I would suggest reviewing the lesson on giving links meaningful text.

Click here is not that accessible.

Keep up the good work!

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Thank you so much for your detailed feedback, I learned a lot.