Mark Zuckerberg Tribute Page

Hello everyone! I’ve spent several hours doing this tribute page about Mark Zuckerberg and I’m satisfied with what I have done in those hours but I can always make it better. Feedback is appreciated.

Here is the link: Zuckerberg Tribute

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Looks really cool, if you open the console on chrome and set the site to display in the phone resolutions it squishes the the little facebook post and looks kind of awkward. Is there a way you could widen them a little more?

Hey @Narwrynn thanks for the feedback and yeah you’re right. I’ve made them a little wider but it still isn’t suitable for smartphones. Hopefully, down the line I’ll incorporate media queries onto it.

I like how the page follows facebook design.

When you’re making caption around image, make sure you always put spacing on all sides. For the main image you should have some padding on the top.

Thanks! I used to have it like that but then I changed it to how you seen it but I’ve modified it and added padding 1% all around to make it more even. I know I can make it better but this is just a quick challenge. So, I won’t bother making it stand out at the moment.